How to Identify the Most Appropriate In-Memory Database Solution for Computing and Application Requirements

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There are plenty of inmemory distributed databases available in the market such as MemSQL , VoltDB , SAP HANA , Exasol , Apache Ignite , Altibase , Aerospike etc.Some of these fall under the NewSQL category and some of them are also NoSQL products.As there are many offerings available it is difficult for organizations to choose the right fit for their applications.

Finding the right inmemory database is a challenge for the organizations.The idea of this presentation is to showcase how to choose the right product for the application needs.We will drill down into the respective characteristics of different inmemory distributed database products and this will help organizations to make correct decisions regarding inmemory database products.We will also cover the available enterprise and open source distributed database products and thus it will help organizations to make the right choice to choose for their applications.

Finally we will also cover how inmemory distributed databases can provide an alternative to disk resident databases as they offer HTAP processing.

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