Title Speakers Recording Slides
Analytics Powered by Conversation Marios Anapliotis
Apache Ignite as MPP Accelerator Alexander Ermakov
Big Data for Small Dollars Neil Stevenson
Designing Multi-Cluster Applications Lucas Beeler
Easy Exactly Once Guaranteed Processing for Your Stream Colin MacNaughton
Embracing the service consumption shift in banking David Follen
Expansion of System Memory using Intel Memory Drive Technology Ravikanth Durgavajhala
Fast and robust complex event processing using Apache Ignite Viktor Khodiakov
Hotel Search, Scalability, and Apache Ignite Musaul Karim
How internal query streaming allows an in-memory only database to run complex queries even when available memory is constrained Roger Gaskell
How to Build an Event-Driven, Dynamically Re-Configurable Micro-Services Platform Sven Beauprez
In-memory Computing and Sports Betting Sam Lawrence
In-Memory Computing Brings Operational Intelligence to Business Challenges William Bain
In-Memory Computing Driving the Digital Enterprise: A Panel Discussion William Bain, Chris Goodall, Sam Lawrence, Tim Wood, Matt Aslett, Terry Erisman
In-Memory Computing – Unlocking the Digital Future Abe Kleinfeld
In-Memory Computing: Accelerating the Data Behind Digital Business and the Customer Experience Matt Aslett
In-Memory Performance at the Cost of Flash Yaron Haviv
Integrating Data-Parallel Analytics into Stream-Processing Using an In-Memory Data Grid William Bain
Intelligent Ingestion David Rolfe
KLM, or Kappa, Lambda architectures and My journey from Legacy to the next new M vd Haven
Memory-Centric Architecture - a New Approach to Distributed Systems Dmitriy Setrakyan
Network-Driven Drug Discovery: An Application of In-Memory Distributed Processing Jonny Wray
Persistent Memory, NVM Programming Model, and NVDIMMs Alex McDonald
Pricing Tale @Finastra Romain Gilles
Pushing Enterprise Software to the Next Level - Self-contained Web Applications on In-Memory Platforms Michał Nosek
Real-Time with AI – The Convergence of Big Data and AI Colin MacNaughton
SnappyData: Apache Spark meets Embedded In-Memory Database Masaki Yamakawa
Speed-of-light faceted search via Oracle In-Memory option Alexander Tokarev
Things you Learn as you Massively Scale... David Rolfe
TimesTen Scaleout: Functionality, Architecture and Performance Tuning Chris Jenkins
Using In-Memory Computing to convert Big Data into Fast Data Kevin Goldstein
Want Extreme Performance at Scale? Do Distributed the RIGHT Way! Valentin Kulichenko
Welcome Terry Erisman
When One Minute Can Cost You a Million: Predicting Share Prices in Real-Time with Apache Spark and Apache Ignite Manuel Mourato
When Scientific High Performance Computing (HPC) meets Big Data Tools Tsvi Lev
“Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP)” the Key to Intelligent Systems Kevin Goldstein