How internal query streaming allows an in-memory only database to run complex queries even when available memory is constrained

Edward 5-7

In this talk we will explain the workings of Kognitio’s query streaming feature. This is a core part of the Kognitio in-memory database server's architecture which we use to run a wide range of queries regardless of available memory, adapting its behavior based on system load and resource availability and without writing back to disk. We will use a customer use case (Inmar) to show how this allows an in-memory platform to support high performance, high concurrency, interactive retail analytics.

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Kognitio Ltd
After many years as CTO, Roger became CEO of Kognitio in October 2016, with the goal of moving Kognitio from niche technology to wide adoption. As CTO, Roger was responsible for all product development and all generations of the Kognitio Analytical Platform, from the launch of the first proprietary in-memory data analytics appliance in 1992, through the evolution to a software-only analytical platform running on industry-standard servers and Hadoop. Prior to Kognitio, Roger was test and development manager at AB Electronics for five years where his primary responsibility was for the famous BBC Micro Computer and the development and testing of the first mass production IBM Personal Computers.