“Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP)” the Key to Intelligent Systems

Edward 5-7

Machines are getting stronger, software is getting faster, and data is getting bigger... these three trends should not be viewed in isolation, but as an evolution of how we integrate our technology. Trends in our data need to be analyzed and identified, and these, in turn, govern our software systems and provide intelligence to transactions. This is the essence of hybrid transaction and analytics processing (HTAP) - making intelligent decisions based off of real time feedback from in-flight and historical data.

The X-Platforms’ novel approach to stream processing and state management makes it unique in this problem space. HTAP requires massive amounts of data, and it needs to process it with sub-millisecond latencies, which is what our platform was built for. Coupled with our high-availability model, we let you perform this analysis with the confidence that your systems will have full redundancy and five-nine’s availability. This fundamental shift in how transactions are processed allows business leaders to innovate with greater situational awareness and gain improved business agility.

Join us to discuss HTAP/Translitical processing, how to leverage memory and state, and see how the X-Platform fits into this landscape allowing you to write highly available systems that serve out millions of transactions where latencies are measured in microseconds.

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A Principle Architect and low latency developer with over 17 years of experience in building high performance enterprise applications and trading systems. Kevin specializes in the low latency, messaging and algorithmic arena of trading, and has experience with front, middle and back office systems.