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Finastra is at the forefront of financial technology, one of the top 3 fintechs in the word. The world of financial services is changing, fast. At Finastra, we leverage our expertise and research to rethink our solutions to meet ongoing market and regulatory needs. FRTB and xVA calculations are pushing historical products to their limits. Finastra has reengineered and augmented our solutions to support the increased volume of calculations required to produce large amount of data, in real time. Performance is only one concern and consistency also needs to be taken into consideration when dealing with multiple and diverse data sources. Software customization can also be challenging too. Come and join us for a dedicated session to find out how in-memory computing and streaming allows Finastra to deliver new solutions that achieve fast calculations and large data set aggregation.

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Development Manager for DASEL
Romain Gilles is the development manager of DASEL the technology behind pricing and analytics products at Finastra. Before becoming development manager, he spends more than 15 years to develop Java based software and application.