TimesTen Scaleout: Functionality, Architecture and Performance Tuning

Edward 1-4

This talk focusses on the new horizontal scaling feature, TimesTen Scaleout, introduced in the TimesTen 18.1 release. TimesTen Scaleout extends the mature and well established TimesTen In-Memory Database by enabling it to be deployed as a distributed, elastically scalable, in-memory database offering a compelling feature set and breakthrough performance for both existing and new applications.

I shall explain the functionality and architecture of TimesTen Scaleout and also look at how to tune TimesTen Scaleout for optimal performance based on hardware, schema, workload etc. I will also share some beta customer experiences.

The talk is suitable for all audiences and by the end attendees will have learned about the capabilities and performance offered by TimesTen Scaleout and how to optimise and tune it to achieve maximum performance.

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Senior Director, In-Memory Technology
Chris has worked in the software industry for over 35 years in areas ranging from embedded microprocessor systems to large scale OLTP systems. He has specialised in relational database technology for over 25 years and in-memory database technology in particular for the past 19 years. Chris is currently the Product Management lead for the TimesTen In-Memory Database product line at Oracle.