In-Memory Computing Driving Edge Computing and Blockchain Technologies

In-Memory Computing Driving Edge Computing and Blockchain Technologies

Edge computing and blockchain technologies are two information technology trends sweeping into use in today's IT and IOT computing environment. Their need is driven by the need for speed, reliability and security at the edge in applications in fintech, retail, supply chain, factory automation, smart cities, driverless cars etc.

In this talk we will examine these needs and how in-memory computing is vital in building blockchain data architectures that can support edge computing applications in a cloud free or intermittent cloud environment while maintaining trust and coordination. Specifically we will look at a smart city use case we are building for a new generation of smart curb sensor clusters designed to revolutionize transportation and parking models - reducing traffic congestion, traffic accidents and allowing cities to support connected and autonomous vehicles and shuttles.

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Sesh Raj is President of DSAPPS INC an IT solutions provider focusing on building next generation ‘Distributed Smart Apps’. Beginning his career with HCL, Control Data and Intel in key business and engineering roles Sesh has vast experience in bringing to market innovative new IT solutions.

In 1994 Sesh was founder of ProjectWare first company offering team collaborative automated and intelligent project management. In 2002 Sesh was founder of DBGuard, first startup to introduce machine learning algorithms to ensure database integrity and security. In 2009 DSAPPS as a vendor partner with HP Labs helped HP win the Edelman award in Management sciences with a product portfolio management solution saving HP over $500 Million.

Recently Sesh has been focusing on distributed data security solutions and pioneering new innovations in the safety, security and reliability of autonomous systems – introducing new concepts in safety/security sensing. DSAPPS has been recently qualified by City of Los Angeles to work on next generation transportation projects including introduction of autonomous driverless vehicles.

Education: Engineering at IIT Madras and MBA at IIM Calcutta

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