Slides & Video Recordings

Track Title Company Speakers Recording Slides
Keynote Persistent Memory Advances SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) Arthur Sainio
Keynote Embracing the Service Consumption Shift in Banking ING Belgium David Follen
Keynote In-Memory Computing- Unlocking the Digital Future GridGain Abe Kleinfeld
Keynote In-Memory Database Architectures at Oracle Oracle Tirthankar Lahiri
Keynote Optimized in-memory IBOR architecture in a cloud environment using Apache Ignite Wellington Management Rafique Awan
Architecture Apache Ignite — Using a Memory Grid for Distributed Computation Frameworks (Spark and Containerized Apps) Hashmap, Inc. Chris Herrera
Architecture Auto-Scaling Caches CachePhysics Irfan Ahmad
Architecture Hardware Accelerated Similarity Search GSI Technology George Williams
Architecture In-Memory Computing Driving Edge Computing and Blockchain Technologies dsapps sesh raj
Architecture Increase Application Performance with SQL Auto-Caching; No Code Changes Heimdall Data Roland Lee, Erik Brandsberg
Architecture Memory-Centric Architecture - A New Approach to Distributed Systems GridGain Dmitriy Setrakyan
Architecture Replication Distilled: Hazelcast Deep Dive Hazelcast Ensar Basri Kahveci
Architecture Want extreme performance at scale? Do distributed the RIGHT way! GridGain Systems Valentin Kulichenko
Architecture You can have it all: Speed, Scale & ACID…. VoltDB Inc David Rolfe
New Capabilities Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database – the World’s Fastest OLTP Database Oracle Sam Drake
New Capabilities Pushing Enterprise Software to the Next Level - Self-contained Web Applications on In-Memory Platforms Starcounter AB Michał Nosek
New Capabilities Ultimate Guide to Successful Cross-Platform Deployments with Apache Ignite Electric Imp Pavel Petroshenko
Streaming Data Converge Transactional and Predictive Analytics to Effectively Scale IoT GigaSpaces Rajiv Shah
Streaming Data Fast and Easy Stream Processing with Hazelcast Jet Hazelcast Gokhan Oner
Streaming Data Ingesting Streaming Data for Analysis in Apache Ignite StreamSets Pat Patterson
Streaming Data Integrating Data-Parallel Analytics into Stream-Processing Using an In-Memory Data Grid ScaleOut Software, Inc. William Bain
Streaming Data Redis Streams, Functions and Data Structures Redis Labs Dave Nielsen
Streaming Data Ultra-Low Latency with Java and Terabytes of Data Speedment AB Per Minborg
Tales from the Trenches Exploring the Full Potential of Ignite Using Classless Design ING Belgium David Follen
Tales from the Trenches How In-Memory Computing can Maximize the Performance of Modern Payments GigaSpaces Rajiv Shah
Tales from the Trenches How we Effectively Scaled the Contact Insights Computation From 0 orgs to 20k orgs With our Spark Data Pipeline Salesforce Praveen Innamuri, Zhidong Ke
Tales from the Trenches Huawei's story of leveraging GridGain as an in memory data grid caching on its public cloud environment Huawei Technologies Canada Ltd. Paul Chen
Tales from the Trenches In-Memory Computing Brings Operational Intelligence to Business Challenges ScaleOut Software, Inc. William Bain
Tales from the Trenches In-Memory Computing Patterns for High Volume, Real-Time Applications American Airlines Narendra Paruchuri, Murali Ande
Tales from the Trenches Leveraging In-Memory Data Grid for faster Time-to-Market and Data Flexibility problems of Digital Channels. Agilent Technologies Inc Appar Singh
Tales from the Trenches Oracle Database In-Memory – Oracle’s Dual Format Database Delivers Real-Time Analytics Oracle Andy Rivenes
Tales from the Trenches Ways to Recover In-Memory Data on a Disaster Hazelcast Alparslan Avci
Hardware Expansion of System Memory using Intel Memory Drive Technology Intel Corp Ravikanth Durgavajhala
Hardware High-Dimensional Computing, SDM Memory & Hyperscaling - A session on the Cloud’s missing AI component WebFeet Research Inc. Gil Russell, Alan Niebel
Machine Learning Real-Time with AI – The Convergence of Big Data and AI Neeve Research Colin MacNaughton
Machine Learning Scalable Machine and Deep Learning with Apache Ignite GridGain Systems Denis Magda