Replication Distilled: Hazelcast Deep Dive

Replication Distilled: Hazelcast Deep Dive

Distributed data stores cope with the challenges of managing replicated data. Building a distributed data store is hard, and clarifying its high level properties is even harder. Hazelcast makes use of several replication techniques to offer choices for the trade-offs between consistency, availability, and latency properties. In this talk, we take a closer look at these techniques from the perspective of the CAP and PACELC principles. We first break apart the main replication technique and challenge the rationale behind it. Then, we discuss what has gone wrong with it, and how we gradually extended and replaced it with other techniques to fix the issues.



Ensar Basri
Distributed Systems Engineer
I am Ensar Basri Kahveci. I first saw the term "NoSQL" in 2011 and used some NoSQL databases while doing backend development for a social gaming company. Over time, I became curious about their theoretical aspects and started digging into the distributed systems topics in general. I ended up working for Hazelcast in 2015, which is a distributed in-memory data grid (IMDG). Since then, I have been working as a distributed systems engineer to fuel my enthusiasm and get my hands dirty on core parts of Hazelcast!

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