Ram Disk in Distributed Computer Networks

Ram Disk in Distributed Computer Networks

June 20, 01:40pm
Matterhorn 3
  1. Technologies that will be covered

Related technologies: Different storage systems overview, ram speeds (DDR3, DDR4, DDR5), Linux networking, I/O


  1. Purpose of the talk (problem, solution, etc.)

Purpose of the talk is data storage for fast computation and super fast i/o in distributed systems.

Problem: Slow access of data during frequent data store and retrieval

Solution: Integrated ram as a storage to help with this.


  1. Target audience

Developers and data analysts that frequently access storage.


  1. What the audience will take away

Different storage systems

Ram speeds comparisons with SSDs

How to use Ram as a storage system for heavy computing tasks


Why would people attend this talk?

This talk is a place where people can get in depth information about different version of Hard drives, SSDs and Memories, performance of each and how ram based storage can benefit performance.



Short about me:

Engineer with 15y experience in IT. 10y in semi-conductor company that produces SSD and Memory chips (Micron). Currently working for a bank (Capital One) and used above RAM storage solution in both companies.

Manager / Tech lead
Capital One
Vladimir Zivkovic

IT Teach Lead / Manager with 15y experience. Researched over 20 open source databases (SQL and NoSQL), developed applications in Python, PHP, Java, Perl, JavaScript, GO. For the last 6y heavily involved in Big Data world and Cloud Computing. Adjunct professor at University in US/Virginia for Big Data and Cloud computing.