Kai Sasaki

Software Engineer
Treasure Data Inc
Kai Sasaki

A software engineer working at Treasure Data. Treasure Data provides a big data management platform on cloud. We are original creator of Fluentd, unified log collector which was joined clout native computing foundation (CNCF) . He is working on developing and maintaining distributed processing platform in our service. His professional area is distributed computing using open source software like Hadoop, Spark and Presto. In addition He is a committer of Apache Hivemall which is a scalable machine learning library running on Hive/Spark.


Wednesday 21st, 11:45 - Matterhorn 2
Presto is an open source software which was initially released by Facebook and was widely adapted by enterprise use cases such as advertising and web. Presto is an in-memory fast distributed SQL engine which fits to adhoc/interactive use cases. Our Treasure Data provides data management platform on cloud by using Presto. Since the library is now…