Nishant Agrawal

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
Nishant Agrawal
Nishant is working as a Scientist at Performance Engineering Research Centre, TCS Research, Mumbai. Having 14+ years of industry experience in system software design & development in the area of High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data, In-Memory Computing and Low Latency Enterprise messaging. His forte is in low level system performance analysis, review, tuning and optimization of applications using various parallel computing architectures & technologies. Currently leading multiple research projects on parallelization and optimization of applications from multiple domains with a primary focus to digitize important end user requirements using Big Data & In-Memory Computing. He is also focusing on various scientific computation models optimization from different domains/areas like computational finance, drug development, molecular dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, ocean modelling & weather prediction models in HPC.Recently Nishant has been selected in Top 10 scientist list from India for “BRICS Young Scientists Conclave 2016”.


Tuesday 20th, 15:50 - Matterhorn 2
There has been a growing trend to adopt In-Memory computing technologies to address the following scenarios: Real-time insights into business Supporting business growth specially in banking & capital market Digital paradigm such as IoT, machine learning, streaming analytics This is an abstract of work done in designing a trade…