How to Build an Event-Driven, Dynamically Re-Configurable Micro-Services Platform

Victoria Suite 1-2

In this presentation I will show you how to combine Apache Ignite with Docker to not only build an event-driven microservice platform but also to make this dynamically re-configurable without any downtime at all.

The pre-requisites for the platform are banking grade NFRs such as Exactly Once Processing of requests, High Availability -even in case of data center disasters- and no downtime _ever_. For this, all containers are linked in one big software-defined network in which the contained services form one big distributed grid, and in which new services register themselves during deploy time and are auto-discovered by the grid to process requests.

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Lead Architect
The Glue
Sven Beauprez is Lead Architect at The Glue, a fin-tech startup that is creating a platform for financial institutions to quickly develop innovative financial services. Sven is an expert enterprise application integration architect with 20 years of experience in different functional domains. He was steering member for 7 years at JavaPolis/Devoxx and helped it grow to what it is today, and is co-founder and vice-chairman of Internet of Things Belgium.