How IMC Powers Next Generation Trading

How IMC Powers Next Generation Trading

Wall Street’s Big Banks Are Waging an All-Out Technological Arms Race. They are battling to control the $58 billion-a-year equities industry. Part of that story is the triumph technologies that are enabling Electronic trading operations to seize opportunities lasting only fractions of a second. The winners and losers are determined by how fast a trader can digest a market feed and place orders. That means reducing tick-to-trade – the time interval between receiving a market tick showing the opportunity to an algorithm and the buy/sell order being sent. 

In this session, Kevin Goldstein, Principal Architect at Neeve Research will discuss the in-memory architectures that enabled him to build very fast, reliable, and scalable enterprise applications, but more importantly, enables him to build and maintain them easily and in an agile manner. The move towards in-memory computing was to meet ever-increasing demands on performance. Kevin has been instrumental in seeing this shift unfold mostly through the adoption of in-memory architectures that tackle not just the data side of the equation, but also the messaging and processing side of applications. Breakthrough performance and reliability have been achieved with an in-memory equities platform delivering one million ‘Client to Market’ transactions per second (TPS) at < 10 microseconds ‘Client to Market’ latency, with no performance change, going from zero to peak traffic, and with zero data loss guaranteed. In-memory solutions, with its minimal hardware footprint, goes even further to reduce massive investments in capital equipment resulting in significant saving.




Sr Principal Architect
A Principle Architect and low latency developer with over 17 years of experience in building high performance enterprise applications and trading systems. Kevin specializes in the low latency, messaging and algorithmic arena of trading, and has experience with front, middle and back office systems.

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