Persistent Memory Advances

Persistent Memory Advances

Persistent Memory refers to fast, persistent, byte-addressable memory technologies and the hardware and software ecosystems that surround them. Persistent Memory technologies being deployed today, including NVDIMMs, and those coming will revolutionize development and management tools, platforms, and applications. Find out what matters, how we got here and where we are going, and how the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is advancing Persistent Memory.

You’ll learn:

• What the ecosystem enablement efforts are around persistent memory solutions
• How NVDIMMs are paving the way for plug-n-play adoption into container environments
• SNIA and alliance partner activities in the Persistent Memory space



Co-Chair NVDIMM Special Interest Group
SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association)
Arthur Sainio is Co-Chair of the SNIA Persistent Memory and NVDIMM Special Interest Group, which accelerates the awareness and adoption of Persistent Memories and NVDIMMs for computing architectures.
As a Director of Product Marketing at SMART Modular Technologies. Arthur has been driving new product launch and business development activities at SMART since 1998. Prior to Smart, Arthur worked as a product manager at Hitachi Semiconductor America. While there, his focus was on DRAM, SRAM and Flash technologies.
Arthur holds a MBA from San Francisco State University and a MS from Arizona State University.

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