Ultimate Guide to Successful Cross-Platform Deployments with Apache Ignite

Ultimate Guide to Successful Cross-Platform Deployments with Apache Ignite

Even though Apache Ignite is a database and platform that is written mostly in Java, its architectural principles enable sophisticated cross-platform and multi-language support. The data is always stored in a language-agnostic binary format allowing, for instance, to exchange data across Java, .NET, Python or Node.JS applications. The binary communication protocol makes it possible to develop highly-performant Ignite clients for any language you need. So, regardless of your projects complexity, your enterprise, web, mobile and IoT applications can co-exist interacting with a single Ignite cluster.

However, it's easy to misstep and do things wrong with this flexibility unless you follow a handy guide. Join this session hosted by an Apache Ignite community expert who contributed Node.JS, Python and PHP thin clients to Ignite. Why? To learn how to build successful cross-platform Apache Ignite solutions. The session will cover:

  • Data interoperability in Ignite: binary format, best practices for working with this format.
  • Essentials and insights into the binary communication protocol.
  • Apache Ignite standard (aka. thick) clients vs. thin clients: use cases, advantages, and disadvantages of each.
  • Cross-platform deployment demo:
    • Ignite cluster in the cloud.
    • Real-time data streaming from IoT devices with a thin client written in C language.
    • Data processing and analysis with sample PHP, Python, Node.JS applications.
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Senior Software Lead
Electric Imp
Pavel Petroshenko is Senior Software Lead at Electric Imp Inc, the secure connectivity platform, focusing on customer facing development tools, libraries and integrations. In his current role, Pavel works on delivering architecture and design solutions for Industrial and consumer IoT applications. He is also responsible for creating innovative solutions by conducting proof of concepts. Throughout his career, Pavel worked on widely used products, including Java Virtual Machine for mobile and embedded platforms and Sun and Oracle.

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