You can have it all: Speed, Scale & ACID….

You can have it all: Speed, Scale & ACID….

Traditionally we used OLTP systems which could do a few thousand ACID transactions per second with millisecond latency, but struggled to scale beyond that.

When it came to large volumes of data - such as the billions per day the telephone system produces - not only did we struggle to produce responses in hours but we also needed huge legacy RDBMS systems, buildings full of hardware and a small army of staff.

While NoSQL has changed the database industry, it has a habit of providing scale and speed at the expense of ACID. ACID is needed not just for traditional OLTP transactions but also for real time personalization (making the right offer, once) and managing shared finite resources (bandwidth, credit).

In this presentation we’ll show how the architecture of VoltDB allows you to have low latency ACID transactions that scale.




Director of Solutions Engineering
VoltDB Inc
David is a software industry veteran who works with VoltDB's customers in EMEA. David has been working with high performance databases for over 25 years and has extensive experience with telco grade and distributed systems.

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