Chris Herrera

Chief Innovation Officer
Hashmap, Inc.
As Chief Innovation Officer at Hashmap, Chris leads Engineering and Innovation connecting technical challenges across industries to solutions. Prior to joining Hashmap in early 2017, Chris spent 13 years at Schlumberger in a variety of roles including Program Manager, Architect, Real Time Operations Manager, and MWD Engineer.

Chris is an innovation driven technologist with experience in developing distributed and fault tolerant data ingestion systems, stream computing systems, and scalable data storage systems. Chris has hands on experience implementing systems using Apache Kafka, NiFi, Ignite, Spark, Storm, HBase, Cassandra, Ignite and MongoDB. Additionally, he has had hands on experience with a variety of first party cloud solutions. Additional experience designing traditional data management solutions using Oracle, SQLServer, and Tibco EMS. Practical knowledge In Kubernetes and implementing serverless platforms. He is known for practical designs, guided by real-world problems to drive insight and actions from large amounts of data streaming and at rest. Working in teams large and small, Chris has used his technical leadership and collaboration abilities to lead global efforts to deliver products and services of the highest quality.

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