Persistent Memory for Java

Persistent Memory for Java

Learn how, through a community open source process, Java is evolving to provide native support for building applications that utilize persistent memory.

Persistent memory provides attractive new capabilities for a range of workloads across mainstream business applications, for which Java is in widespread use. We review existing libraries which provide for accessing persistent memory (pmem) from Java via JNI and show the limitations and performance drawbacks of this early approach.

We show how recent contributions to the Java standard library and JIT compiler will make pmem more readily accessible and performant, putting Java on an even footing with C/C++ based solutions. We show how to evolve existing Java applications to benefit from pmem and discuss what additional new features of the language and runtime may emerge to use this new hardware.



Albert 2-3
Principal Software Engineer, Data Platform Team
Red Hat
Jonathan Halliday is a Java middleware engineer at Red Hat, specialising in distributed data systems.
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Java Team
Red Hat
Andrew Dinn is a member of Red Hat's Java team, mostly working on the OpenJDK VM Runtime and JIT. He also leads the Byteman Project.

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