Slides & Video Recordings

Track Title Company Speakers Recording Slides
Keynote Data-Driven Drug Discovery e-Therapeutics Jonny Wray
Keynote In-Memory Computing Technology Trends: A Vendor Panel Discussion GridGain Chris Jenkins, William Bain, Nikita Ivanov, Terry Erisman
Keynote Persistent Memory; An Industry Status and Update SNIA Europe Alex McDonald
Keynote The Future of In-Memory Computing in a Rapidly Changing World GridGain Nikita Ivanov
Keynote The Rise of Cloud-Native and It's Relationship to In-Memory Computing in Delivering Digital Transformation 451 Research Matt Aslet
Architecture Building a Graph Centric Platform on Ignite Hypi Courtney Robinson
Architecture Cloud Adjacent Databases Facilitate Migration to Cloud Oracle Chris Jenkins
Architecture Enabling Real-Time Analytics for Hadoop Data Lakes with GridGain GridGain Denis Magda
Architecture How to Add Speed and Scale to SQL, Support New Data Needs, and Keep Your RDBMS GridGain Valentin Kulichenko
Architecture In-Memory Distributed Compute - Architectures for Low-Latency Applications in Java Hazelcast Johnson Noel
Architecture Keeping your Data Close and your Caches Hotter Confluent Viktor Gamov, Ricardo Ferreira
Architecture Low Latency, High Throughput Similarity Search with an In-Memory Associative Processor GSI Technology AVIDAN AKERIB
Architecture Make your Data Science Actionable with Stream Processing Hazelcast Riaz Mohammed
Architecture The Insiders Checklist for Hardening an In-Memory Computing Cluster GridGain Systems Alexey Goncharuk
Architecture TrendMiner: Interactive Historical Data Analysis TrendMiner Javi Carretero
Architecture Using Apache Ignite as a part of Real Time Campaigning Teradata Alexey Bednov, Fedor Loginov
New Capabilities In-Memory Computing Meets Database Durability: Best Practices for Native Persistence and Data Recovery GridGain Ivan Rakov
New Capabilities In-Memory Computing Meets Kubernetes GigaSpaces Tal Doron
New Capabilities Increase Application Performance with SQL Auto-Caching; No Code Changes Heimdall Data Roland Lee, Erik Brandsberg
New Capabilities java.util.concurrent for Distributed Coordination Hazelcast Ensar Basri Kahveci
New Capabilities Persistent Memory for Java Red Hat Jonathan Halliday, Andrew Dinn
New Capabilities Redis and Memcached comparison and implementation on a stand alone server, cluster and on AWS cloud with examples Capital One Vladimir Zivkovic
New Capabilities Redis In memory data processing Redislabs Pieter Cailliau
Streaming Data Build and Deploy Digital Twins on an IMDG for Real-Time Streaming Analytics ScaleOut Software, Inc. William Bain
Streaming Data How-to for real-time alerting, analytics and reporting at scale with Apache Kafka and Apache Ignite GridGain Denis Magda, Viktor Gamov
Streaming Data Make your data science actionable, real-time machine learning inference with stream processing. Hazelcast Neil Stevenson
Streaming Data Ultra-Low Latency with Java and Terabytes of Data Speedment AB Per Minborg
Tales from the Trenches Best Practices for Monitoring Distributed In-Memory Systems GridGain Denis Mekhanikov
Tales from the Trenches Does the data model fit for in-memory computing – Tales from SAP analytical software for financial industries ADWEKO Consulting GmbH Dirk Vollmer
Tales from the Trenches Harnessing the power of Spark for enterprise data engineering and analytics ZS Associates Vickye Jain, Shiv Singh
Tales from the Trenches Healthcare Outbounds: Unbounded Scalability Cerner Sujoy Acharya, Robert Stephens
Tales from the Trenches How to Test the Ability of Large-Scale, Distributed Software Systems to Cope with Failures Dell Technologies Pavel Lipsky
Tales from the Trenches On Cloud Nine: How to be happy migrating your in-memory computing platform to the cloud GridGain Stephen Darlington
Machine Learning How NLP Is Helping a European Financial Institution Enhance Customer Experience GigaSpaces Tal Doron
Machine Learning Stacking, Boosting and Online Learning in distributed mode with Apache Ignite GridGain Systems Yury Babak