The Rise of Cloud-Native and It's Relationship to In-Memory Computing in Delivering Digital Transformation

The Rise of Cloud-Native and It's Relationship to In-Memory Computing in Delivering Digital Transformation

451 Research views the rise of cloud-native computing and its associated technologies and methodologies - including containers, Kubernetes, service mesh and serverless – as truly transformative. Just like DevOps, cloud-native technologies and methodologies are now being attached to digital transformation efforts, and are expanding their presence in enterprise IT. In addition to application development and deployment in the public cloud, cloud-native is connected to private and hybrid clouds and the ability to run applications consistently across different IT

The dynamism that cloud-native architecture and containers provide is ideal for stateless web applications, but it can be problematic for stateful database workloads, given the need for a persistent connection between the application and its associated data volume. However, it is very much in-keeping with the rise of the abstracted data architecture in which compute is separated from the underlying data storage, and is well-suited to in-memory computing workloads for which the emphasis is on performance and real-time delivery.

In this presentation, Matt Aslett, research VP, 451 Research, will provide an overview of 451 Research’s perspective on cloud-native and how it relates to in-memory computing and hybrid operational and analytic processing (HOAP) in the context of digital transformation.



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Research Vice President
451 Research
Matt Aslett is a Research Vice President with overall responsibility for 451 Research’s coverage of data, analytics and artificial intelligence – including operational and analytic databases, Hadoop, grid/cache, stream processing, data integration, data governance, and data management, as well as data science and analytics, machine learning and AI. Matt's own primary area of focus currently includes distributed data management, data catalogs, business intelligence and analytics, data science management, and enterprise knowledge graphs.

Matt is a regular speaker at client and industry events, and has delivered keynotes and moderated panels at Strata + Hadoop World, DataWorks Summit, Google Cloud Next, Big Data LDN, Percona Live, GraphConnect, In-Memory Computing Summit and NoSQL Roadshow. Matt has been named by AnalyticsWeek as being among the top 200 Thought Leaders in the field of Big Data and Analytics

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