Fitness + In-Memory Computing = Getting ahead of the game

Fitness + In-Memory Computing = Getting ahead of the game

Over the past 6 years, 24 Hour Fitness has replaced our legacy systems with best in class cloud-based systems. Replacement of each piece of the application landscape has created opportunities to implement use cases with In-Memory solutions providing value to our business and ultimately our customers. This keynote compares historical approaches to various use cases with In-Memory solutions.

1. Didn't I just pay my bill? How come your application says I still owe $50?
2. Should we host our HR System on-prem or not?
3. To build or buy a Lead Management System, that's the question.
4. Out with the on-prem ERP, in with a SaaS billing system.
5. I came to work out, not stand and wait at the front desk!





Solutions Architect
24 Hour Fitness
Bachelors of Computer Science - SDSU
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - SDSU
7 Years as a Senior Oracle PL/SQL Programmer
9 Years as a Senior Java Programmer Analyst
8 Years as a Solutions Architect

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