Slides & Video Recordings

Track Title Company Speakers Recording Slides
Keynote Autonomous Data Management: The Next Generation Data Platform Oracle Tirthankar Lahiri
Keynote Fitness + In-Memory Computing = Getting ahead of the game 24 Hour Fitness Craig Gresbrink
Keynote How Persistent Memory Can Benefit Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) Arthur Sainio
Keynote Leveraging In-Memory Compute Grids with Core Systems of Record IBM Mythili Venkatakrishnan
Keynote Low-Latency Machine Learning at scale with an in-memory platform - 3 top architecture approaches and when to use them. Hazelcast John DesJardins
Keynote The Future of In-Memory Computing in a Rapidly Changing World GridGain Systems Nikita Ivanov
Architecture Best Practices for Loading Real-time Data into Distributed Systems with Change Data Capture GridGain Systems Alexey Goncharuk
Architecture Converge Transactional and Predictive Analytics to Effectively Scale IoT GigaSpaces Rajiv Shah
Architecture Moving Apache Ignite into Production: Best Practices For Disaster Recovery and High Availability GridGain Stanislav Lukyanov
Architecture Persistent memory use cases in modern software architectures Intel Olasoji Denloye
Architecture Scalable and High-available Distributed File System Metadata Service Using gRPC, RocksDB and RAFT Alluxio, Inc. Bin Fan
Architecture Simpler, Smarter and Faster Insights: Big Data Analytics Processing on streaming, hot and historical data GigaSpaces Rajiv Shah
Architecture Top 10 Ways to Scale Your Website with Redis Redis Labs Dave Nielsen
Architecture Where is my cache? Architectural patterns for caching microservices by example Hazelcast Rafal Leszko
New Capabilities Automating Query Caching with Data Grids Heimdall Data Erik Brandsberg, Roland Lee
Streaming Data Build and Deploy Digital Twins on an IMDG for Real-Time Streaming Analytics ScaleOut Software, Inc. William Bain
Streaming Data How-to for real-time alerting, analytics and reporting at scale with Apache Kafka and Apache Ignite GridGain, Confluent Denis Magda, Jeff Bean
Streaming Data Redis Streams, Commands and Data Structures Redis Labs Dave Nielsen
Streaming Data Top-5 Innovations of Oracle’s Database In-Memory Oracle Shasank Chavan
Tales from the Trenches GridGain Ultimate Edition aids implementation of SaaS Systems and replaces traditional databases 24 Hour Fitness Craig Gresbrink
Tales from the Trenches Heads in the Cloud: Cloud Deployment Best Practices GridGain Greg Stachnick
Tales from the Trenches The use of in-memory computing on an epic journey of moving a legacy monolithic system to microservices architecture: A case study of Storage Area Network Management System Broadcom Aruna Sangli
Hardware "Computational Memory" Computing | Tensor Flow + Hyperdimensional Computing WebFeet Research Inc. Gil Russell, Alan Niebel
Machine Learning A Deep Learning Approach to Automatic Call Routing GigaSpaces Rajiv Shah
Machine Learning Enabling Java applications for low-latency use cases at massive scale with Azul Zing and GridGain GridGain, Azul Systems Denis Magda, Gil Tene