Removing the Difficulty in Adoption of Traditional In Memory Solutions

Removing the Difficulty in Adoption of Traditional In Memory Solutions

The Formulus Black presentation/paper will focus a number of key topics of relevance to the ‘In Memory Computing Community.

Difficulty in adoption of Traditional ‘In Memory Solutions’

  • Specialized Hardware
  • Refactor of Legacy Applications
  • Software Point Solutions per Application

Each of the above have specific drawbacks with adoption in organizations due to factors such as cost (specialized hardware), lack of available skillset (refactor existing applications), or the number of applications affected with independent point solutions (number of existing applications).

Although there continues to be increasing adoption of the typical ‘In Memory Solutions’, and the adoption of up and coming solutions, an alternative approach is the Forsa software stack offered by Formulus Black.

The alternative approach will describe at a ‘high level’, the positive effects of adopting a platform that requires no changes to the existing applications and/or minimal change to the existing hardware environment.  In many cases, removing the requirement of establishing a ‘new infrastructure or team skillset’ can minimize the ‘internal testing and adoption rate’ of up and coming technologies.

The presentation/paper will showcase at a high level two use cases.  In both use cases, the time required for internal testing and adoption was minimized due to lack of change at the application layer.

SQL Server use cases describes:

  • Requirement of a more performant MS SQL database
  • Reduction in hardware infrastructure requirements for testing of In Memory Solution
  • MS SQL Server / Forsa Before and After – End User POC environment

ETHERFAX use case describes:

  • Requirement for more performant proprietary document conversion environment
  • Ease of adoption based on no application requirement changes to existing proprietary document conversion solution developed by ETHERFAX
  • Performance enhancement recognized have the ETHERFAX Team looking for additional areas where performance can be increased




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