This instructor-led training is for those wondering how to monitor and manage Apache Ignite (or GridGain) clusters in production: what the most important metrics are, how to set up alerting or troubleshoot performance when the cluster is under the production load, and how to do cluster backups. The list of questions and challenges related to Ignite production monitoring goes on and on. And you’ll get many of those questions covered.

During the training, you’re going to set up a management and monitoring solution based on GridGain Control Center, an enterprise-grade tool for Ignite deployments. The solution will let you perform or automate the following tasks:

  • Ignite storage monitoring - includes but not limited to the memory and disk usage, checkpointing, and WAL-related I/O monitoring
  • Alerts configuration and triggering - to ensure that you are notified when a crucial cluster event occurs
  • Distributed tracing usage - to detect and solve bottlenecks or hot spots in operations that span multiple cluster nodes
  • Cluster backups creation and use - to restore the cluster to a consistent state in the event of a data loss or data corruption scenario

The training is led by Denis Magda, who is an O’Reilly instructor, Apache Ignite PMC member, and GridGain Head of DevRel.

Things to do before joining the training, the attendees must ensure they have the set-up below

Training Set-up:

  • Docker 19 or later, or Docker Desktop Community 2.3 or later
  • Docker Compose 1.25.5 or later
  • Java Developer Kit, version 8 or later
  • Apache Maven 3.0 or later
  • Your favorite IDE, such as IntelliJ IDEA, or Eclipse, or a simple text editor.
  • Clone the following repository:
GridGain Systems
Denis Magda is an open-source software enthusiast who began his journey by working first with the technology evangelism group of Sun Microsystems and then with the Java engineering team of Oracle. During his years at Sun and Oracle, Denis became a seasoned Java professional, deepening and expanding his knowledge of the technology by contributing to the Java Development Kit, architecting Java solutions, and building local Java communities. Denis now continues his journey by supporting the Apache Software Foundation and working with GridGain Systems. For the foundation, he contributes to Apache Ignite as an Apache Ignite committer and a member of the Project Management Committee. As the head of the GridGain Developer Relations team, Denis works with software engineers and architects to help them develop their expertise in in-memory computing. You will find Denis at conferences, workshops, and other events sharing his knowledge about Apache Ignite, distributed systems, and open-source communities.



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