Track Title Company Speakers Recording Slides
Keynote Database In-Memory: Powering the Future of Enterprise Applications Oracle Tirthankar Lahiri
Keynote Introducing Smart Data Acceleration Interface (SDXI) Dell Shyamkumar Iyer
Keynote Real World Transformation with Z Digital Integration Hub IBM, M&T Bank Mythili Venkatakrishnan, sean ashley
Keynote The Future of In-Memory Computing GridGain Systems Terry Erisman
Keynote The Power of In-Memory Computing: From Supercomputing to Stream Processing ScaleOut William Bain
Training Apache Ignite Training Part 1 - Setting Up Apache Ignite Management and Monitoring Solution With GridGain Control Center GridGain Systems Denis Magda
Training Apache Ignite Training Part 2 - Training for Apache Ignite as an In-Memory Database (IMDB) GridGain Systems Glenn Wiebe
Training How to Use Real-Time Digital Twins to Track a Million Data Sources ScaleOut Software, Inc. William Bain, Oleg Shmytov, Brandon Ripley, Olivier Tritschler
Architecture Continuous Intelligence: Applications that Always Have the Answer SWIM.AI Simon Crosby
Architecture 5 Levels of High Availability: from Multi-instance to Hybrid Cloud Hazelcast Rafal Leszko
Architecture A Change-Data-Capture use-case: designing an evergreen cache Hazelcast Nicolas Frankel
Architecture An in-memory technology’s journey to the Cloud Hazelcast Huseyin BABAL
Architecture Apache Ignite Extensions - Modularization Target Saikat Maitra
Architecture Bridging the gap between SQL engines and storage for physical data independence Alluxio, Inc. Gene Pang
Architecture Engineering Overview of GridGain Nebula Managed Service: How We Deploy GridGain/Apache Ignite in Clouds GridGain Systems Andrey Alexandrov
Architecture Function-as-a-Service with an IMDG Konstantin Nazarov
Architecture Going Cloud-Native: Serverless Applications With Apache Ignite GridGain Systems Denis Magda
Architecture Patterns of Domain-Driven Design with In-Memory Data Grids Oracle Randy Stafford
Architecture Performance and Fault-Tolerance of Apache Ignite’s Network Components GridGain Systems Stanislav Lukyanov
Architecture S3 from scratch: Cloud Storage on In-Memory database Cloud Solutions Mons Anderson
Architecture The mathematical frontiers of in-memory computing for HPC DeepSingularity LLC GP Pulipaka
Architecture Top-5 Transformational Technologies with Oracle’s Autonomous Database Oracle Shasank Chavan
Architecture Transparently Scale-out SQL Databases with Data Grids Heimdall Data Erik Brandsberg
New Capabilities Analyzing and Debugging Ignite Applications for Performance GridGain Greg Stachnick
New Capabilities Developing Apache Kafka’s Cloud-Native Future Confluent Viktor Gamov
New Capabilities Memorizing the Future with Software-Defined Big Memory Services MemVerge Charlie Yu
Streaming Data Integrating Real-Time Stream Processing and Data-Parallel Analytics Using Digital Twins ScaleOut Software, Inc. William Bain
Tales from the Trenches An Innovative Approach to Progressive Core Modernization in Banking Zafin, IBM Venkataraman Balasubramanian, Mythili Venkatakrishnan
Tales from the Trenches Building a Successful Hybrid & Multi-cloud Strategy with an In-Memory Data Fabric GigaSpaces Galen Silvestri
Tales from the Trenches How to Perfect Your Legacy Strategy - A Mainframe Modernization Case Study GigaSpaces Galen Silvestri
Tales from the Trenches Using Intel Optane Persistent Memory for Database Read Caching Oracle Doug Hood
Machine Learning Hyper-parameter Tuning and Distributed Stacking with Apache Ignite ML JetBrains ALEXEY ZINOVYEV