William L. Bain
Scaleout Software
Dr. William L. Bain founded ScaleOut Software in 2003 to develop in-memory data grid and in-memory computing products. As CEO, he has led the creation of numerous innovations for integrating data-parallel computing with in-memory data storage. Bill holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Rice University. Over a 38-year career focused on parallel computing, he has contributed to advancements at Bell Labs Research, Intel, and Microsoft, and holds several patents in computer architecture and distributed computing. Bill founded and ran three start-up companies prior to ScaleOut Software. The most recent, Valence Research, which developed and distributed Web load-balancing software, was acquired by Microsoft Corporation and is a key feature within the Windows Server operating system. As an investor and member of the screening committee for the Seattle-based Alliance of Angels, Bill is actively involved in entrepreneurship and the angel community.
Denis Magda
Denis is an expert in distributed systems and platforms who developed his skills by consistently contributing to Apache Ignite In-Memory Data Fabric and helping GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric customers build a distributed and fault-tolerant solution on top of their platform.
Before joining GridGain and becoming a part of Apache Ignite community, Denis worked for Oracle Inc. where he led Java ME Embedded Porting Team helping Java opening new boundaries by entering IoT market.
Currently, Denis takes the role of Product Manager in GridGain and PMC Chair in Apache Ignite, leading both products to an exciting future.
Greg Luck
Greg is CEO and CTO of Hazelcast Inc, a leading in-memory computing company. He is a member of the JCP Executive Committee and was co-spec lead of JSR107, the caching specification for Java.
Noah Arliss
Noah Arliss has been leading and architecting large scale enterprise systems for the past 16+ years a Principal Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager. He has strong background in enterprise security, distributed systems, platform as a service, and big data technologies. Passionate about software architecture as well as distributed computing he previously led development teams for Oracle Coherence and was an active contributor to the Oracle Coherence Incubator projects working with partners ranging from finance to online retailers to design performant real time solutions. Noah Arliss currently leads the Fabric team at Workday focused on applying In-Memory Data Grid technologies to Workday’s core architecture.
Robert Barr
Rob has worked in IT for 17 years and in Financial Services for the last 9 years, on applications ranging from container shipping through medical insurance to stock trading and highly scalable, high performance trade reporting systems. He heads up development efforts for Middleware and also acts as the In-Memory Data Grid SME for Barclays, where he tries to act as interpreter between business, developers and vendors. In his spare time Rob helps organize and run the Docklands branch of the London Java Community, a 6000+ strong collective of Java enthusiasts from all sectors of development.