Title Speakers Recording Slides
Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB Advantage Vadim Tkachenko
Accelerate MySQL® for Demanding OLAP and OLTP Use Cases with Apache® Ignite™ Peter Zaitsev, Nikita Ivanov
An Ignite Compute Grid in the Cloud Chris Berry
Apache Ignite - A Memory-Centric Approach to Durable Distributed Systems Dmitriy Setrakyan
Apache Ignite: The In-Memory Hammer in Your Data Science Toolkit Denis Magda
Apache Spark and Apache Ignite: Where Fast Data Meets the IoT Denis Magda
Beyond the Cluster: WAN Data Replication With GridGain Yakov Zhdanov
Building Consistent and Highly Available Distributed Systems with Apache Ignite and GridGain Valentin Kulichenko
Deploy like a Boss: Using Kubernetes and Apache Ignite! Dani Traphagen
Design Development: Solutions Using High Level Technologies for a Rural Village in the Philippines. C Tito Young
Distributed Java 8 Streams with Hazelcast JET Fuad Malikov
Fast is a Must-Have, But Not Enough: Real-World Anti-Fraud Using an In-Memory Data Processing Engine Ning Shi
Gen-Z High-Performance Interconnect for the Data-Centric Future Kurtis Bowman
Global Resilient Trade Clearing with In-Memory Data Grids Alexey Kharlamov
Handling Real-Time Use Cases at Scale Using a Hybrid Memory Architecture Srini V. Srinivasan
High Availability and Disaster Recovery for IMDG Vladimir Komarov, Mikhail Gorelov
How In-Memory Solutions Can Assist with SaaS Integrations Craig Gresbrink
How to Use Java 8 Streams to Access Existing Data with Ultra-low Latency Per Minborg
Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing -"HTAP"- What is it and Why It Matters Colin MacNaughton
Implementation of Investment Book of Record (IBOR ) using Apache Ignite/GridGain Rafique Awan
Implementing Durable Memory-Centric Architectures in Large Financial Institutions Dmitriy Setrakyan
In-Memory Associative Chip for NLP Avidan Akerib
In-Memory Computing: It's New and It's Not... Larry Strickland
In-Persistent-Memory Computing with Java Eric Kaczmarek
Introducing Hazelcast Jet - A New Fast Batch and Stream Processing Engine Greg Luck
Introducing Oracle Velocity Scale, a high performance, scale out, shared nothing SQL In-Memory RDBMS Doug Hood
Iota Architecture: Uniform Data-Access and Processing Medium Konstantin Boudnik, Alexandre Boudnik
Leveraging In-Memory For The IoT Application Challenge: Build it Better and Faster Colin MacNaughton
Millions of Transactions per Second on a Single Machine: A Case for a Virtualized Database and Scale-In Roger Johansson
Moving Forward Securely in Digital Factory Ferhat Hatay
Preparing for a Unified IMC Architecture by 2020 Steve Wilkes
Real-Time Analytics with an In-Memory, GPU-Accelerated Database John Lynch
Real-Time Image Recognition Using MemSQL Nikita Shamgunov
Realizing the Benefits of Persistent Memory with the NVM Programming Model and NVDIMMs Jim Pappas
Scale Out and Conquer: Architectural Decisions Behind Distributed In-Memory Systems Yakov Zhdanov
Self-learning Caches Irfan Ahmad
The Evolving In-Memory Computing Platform Abe Kleinfeld
The Evolving Role of In-Memory Computing in the Banking Industry Mikhail Khasin
The Intersection of In-Memory and Scale-Out in the Age of Internet Proportions Noah Arliss
Using In-Memory Computing to Create the Digital Twin: A New Model for Stream Processing William Bain
We’re from the Government and We’re Here for Help (Streaming Data) LCDR Krueger, Thomas Bartee
Why the Future of Graph Databases will be In-Memory Dominik Tomicevic