Beyond the Cluster: WAN Data Replication With GridGain

Salon B/C/D

Data replication with RDBMS is here for ages and many of you have set it up and worked with it in different scenarios. But what about distributed platforms like GridGain or else? WAN data replication is still possible with systems of the kind, but have many differences and lot more challenging from engineering standpoint compared to traditional monolithic systems: topologies may be different in different datacenters, users want to have complex changes propagation chains, conflict resolution may be a pain, fault tolerance problems solution gets even more complex, etc. How to make sure user data is safe and consistent across many data centers?


In this talk we will make an overview of data replication functionality in GridGain, discuss problems and design decisions behind the one and also share many interesting things on transactional replication which is under development now.

Yakov Zhdanov
Director R&D
GridGain Systems