Distributed Java 8 Streams with Hazelcast JET

Baden B

Java SE 8 Stream API is a modern and functional API for processing Java Collections. Streams can do parallel processing by utilizing multi-core architecture, without writing a single line of multithreaded code. Hazelcast JET is a distributed, high-performance stream processing DAG engine, which provides distributed Java 8 Stream API implementation. This session will highlight this implementation of Stream API for big-data processing across many machines from the comfort of your Java Application.

 With an explanation of internals of the implementation, I will give an introduction to the general design behind stream processing using DAG (directed acyclic graph) engines and how an actor-based implementation can provide in-memory performance while still leveraging industry-wide known frameworks as Java Streams API.

Fuad Malikov

Fuad Malikov is a co-founder of Hazelcast, a Java-based, open-source operational in-memory computing platform. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences, as well as local user groups.
He loves helping leading organizations build low latency, scalable and highly available distributed systems.
His employment portfolio includes his time as an IT consultant to the telecommunications sector, IT architect at IBM, Java developer, and so on.
Malikov holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.