Implementing Durable Memory-Centric Architectures in Large Financial Institutions

Baden A

In this presentation Dmitriy will present how distributed memory-centric architectures can be applied to various financial systems. Dmitriy will go over some Apache Ignite features important for financial use cases, including ACID compliance, SQL compatibility, persistence, replication, security, fault tolerance and more. Dmitriy will also analyze one of the largest Apache Ignite deployments in the world at Sberbank, a Russian and eastern European bank, by walking through the overall architecture and demonstrating 5 major challenges that Sberbank ran into when integrating distributed, horizontally scalable memory-centric database at their bank. If you are planning to implement a highly available and performant distributed architecture, then this presentation is definitely for you.

Dmitriy Setrakyan

As a founder and Chief Product Officer at GridGain, Dmitriy Setrakyan is responsible for leading product development, professional services, and customer support operations. Dmitriy has been designing, architecting and developing software and applications for over 15 years and has expertise in the development of distributed computing systems, middleware platforms, financial trading systems, CRM applications and similar systems.

Prior to GridGain, Dmitriy worked at eBay where he was responsible for the architecture of performance sensitive high-traffic components of an add-serving system processing several billion hits a day. Before that Dmitriy served as a Lead Architect at Fitech Labs, focusing on high-performance software for trading systems, where he jump-started a new distributed caching and grid computing product line scaling out to 100s computers.

Dmitriy holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of California at Davis specializing in Networking and Algorithms.