In Memory and Microservices- The Challenges and Advantages

Salon E

Do you know why you should be looking to use an in memory architecture for your microservices? Can you build in memory microservices? Great!  And you know the key challenges that microservices solve and create  RIGHT? .... If not this session is one you will not want to miss. 

This session will begin with a quick review of the essence of microservices and then look at the most common challenges with microservice architectures. and how using an in memory paradigm will help.  Using recent use cases, we will explore how in memory microservices have solved many of the most common issues and what developers and architects can expect from the microservices framework.  The session will conclude with a live coding session focused on the steps you will want to follow when building, deploying and managing in-memory microservices to make sure they are performant, scalable and developed quickly.

Niranjan Dhomse
Sr Enterprise Architect
Neeve Research

Niranjan is a Bay Area Software technology leader and architect with 15+ years of global software development experience in large companies as well as hands-on experience in smaller start-ups. Niranjan is a highly capable, hands-on engineer and architect of complex enterprise solutions as well as a solid manager and leader. with an extensive background in the development, deployment, and support of high-speed trading, e-commerce, personalized pricing, and retail systems.