Postgres with Apache® Ignite™: Faster Transactions and Analytics

Salon B/C/D

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open source RDBMSs. Apache® Ignite™ is the leading open source in-memory computing platform. The Apache Ignite distributed computing platform is inserted between the application and data layers and works with all common RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop® databases to provide speed, scale and high availability. When Postgres comes up short, Ignite may be able to help you bridge the gap.

Join Fotios Filacouris, GridGain Solution Architect, as he discusses how you can supplement PostgreSQL with Apache Ignite. You'll learn:

  • The strategic benefits of using Apache Ignite instead of Memcache, Redis®, GigaSpaces®, or Oracle Coherence™
  • How to overcome the limitations of the PostgreSQL architecture for big data analytics by leveraging the parallel distributed computing and ANSI SQL-99 capabilities of Apache Ignite
  • How to use Apache Ignite as an advanced high-performance cache platform for hot data
Senior Solutions Architect
GridGain Systems
-Solution Architect working in the financial services markets.