Principal Field Engineer
John Lynch is Principal Field Engineer at Kinetica. Previously, John worked at Cloudera, where he was a Senior Systems Engineer. At Cloudera, John spent the last 2 years working with a major bank, modernizing their Risk Modeling Environment (~6000 Hadoop nodes). Additionally, John worked in LATAM landing deals at various financial organizations. Prior to Cloudera, John worked as a Master Principal Consultant at Oracle (through Endeca Acquisition). John was alsoo both Lead Solution Architect and Director, Tech Sales at Fast Search And Transfer (acquired by MSFT). John earned a Bachelors degree from Illinois State University.
As enterprises look to extract business value from the massive volume, variety, and velocity of public and proprietary data, they need faster, easier, and richer data, analytics, and visualizations to explore data at scale and speed to discover game-changing insights. Modern big data analytics systems have evolved to take advantage of data-in-…