Noah Arliss
Senior Development Manager

Noah Arliss has been leading and architecting large scale enterprise systems for the past 16+ years a Principal Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager. He has strong background in enterprise security, distributed systems, platform as a service, and big data technologies. Passionate about software architecture as well as distributed computing he previously led development teams for Oracle Coherence and was an active contributor to the Oracle Coherence Incubator projects working with partners ranging from finance to online retailers to design performant real time solutions. Noah Arliss currently leads the Fabric team at Workday focused on applying In-Memory Data Grid technologies to Workday’s core architecture.

From day one, in-memory computing has been part of our DNA at Workday. However, as our customers and data sets grow, we continue to push the boundaries at the intersection of in-memory and scale-out computing. Distributed computing is not for the faint of heart, and key design principles are often only understood by domain experts with deep…