Roger Johansson
Senior Solution Architect
Roger Johansson is a Senior Solution Architect at Starcounter and a frequent speaker at tech-conferences. Over the last 15 years, he has lead many major open source projects. He’s the founder of the popular Akka.NET framework, a concurrency and distributed programming framework for .NET, now donated to the Microsoft .NET Foundation. After Akka.NET, he went on to create the next generation actor model framework, Proto.Actor, allowing developers to build ultra-fast stateful services using .NET, JVM, Go and Node.JS. During daytime, Roger is helping innovative customers build high performance systems on the Starcounter platform.
Random-access memory is getting cheaper: one server hosting 512 GB of RAM is a reality. A new class of devices, such as non-volatile, byte-addressable DIMM chips (NVM DIMM, e.g., Intel 3D-XPoint™), expand a single machine to tens of terabytes of memory with near-DRAM latencies. Would adding more RAM and replacing an existing database engine…