Cloud Adjacent Databases Facilitate Migration to Cloud

Cloud Adjacent Databases Facilitate Migration to Cloud

Abstract: Cloud Adjacent Databases are critical to application migration patterns to cloud. Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is used extensively as a relational in-memory readonly/read-write cache for Oracle Database across a multitude of application areas. In the context of hybrid deployments, which demand that an application be deployed both on-premises as well as in the cloud, TimesTen is a great fit as a cloud adjacent database; acting as a cache for an Oracle Database running in the cloud while the TimesTen cache runs on-premise. This placement of TimesTen results in significant application benefits;  higher availability, reduced latency for data access, better scalability and improved resilience. This talk discusses the architectural elements of this migration pattern.



Edward 5-7


Senior Director, In-Memory Technology
Chris has worked in the software industry for over 35 years in areas ranging from embedded microprocessor systems to large scale OLTP systems. He has specialised in relational database technology for over 25 years and in-memory database technology in particular for the past 19 years. Chris is currently the Product Management lead for the TimesTen In-Memory Database product line at Oracle.

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