Increase Application Performance with SQL Auto-Caching; No Code Changes

Increase Application Performance with SQL Auto-Caching; No Code Changes

Configuring caches is complex. Engineering teams spend a lot of resources building and maintaining cache subsystems. It requires manual intervention (i.e. what to cache and invalidate) which is risky. Now there is a solution that provides automated SQL caching safely into your cache of choice.

Heimdall Data intelligently caches, invalidates, and synchronizes across grid-cache nodes. No more misconfigurations or stale data. There are zero changes required for your existing application or database. 

In this Session, learn how easy it is to speed up your application in 5-minutes with Heimdall SQL caching, show how Heimdall analytics helps you identify SQL bottlenecks, and see a live demo of Heimdall in action.



Edward 1-4
VP of Products
Heimdall Data
Roland brings over 20 years of product development experience in the application-networking industry. Roland started as a development engineer of network switching products, and moved to head up product management teams at Cisco Systems, Citrix and Riverbed. He is passionate about creating solutions, which solve customer problems. Roland holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly and an MBA from Columbia University.
Heimdall Data
Erik Brandsberg is CTO at Heimdall Data. He specializes in application-networking technologies for web and backend data. Whether it's coding, testing or installing, he has been involved. His diverse experience at Alteon, Citrix, and Juniper Networks gave him a solid understanding of operational complexities in a modern infrastructure.

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