Persistent Memory; An Industry Status and Update

Persistent Memory; An Industry Status and Update

We’ve been promised a new technology for memory and storage for the last decade or so. A new type of memory that’s persistent and capacious like the flash used in solid state storage devices; but much faster; fast enough to compare favorably with much more expensive and less capacious volatile DRAM. And at a price that makes it economically viable to use for speeding up – by several factors -- a wide range of applications. This presentation will cover what everyone should know about this hugely important technology. Join Alex McDonald, Vice Chair of SNIA EMEA, as he introduces persistent memory hardware, ways to use it, with real world use cases that will drive new standards and support as PM moves into the mainstream.



Victoria 1-2


Director and Vice Chair
SNIA Europe
Alex McDonald has been active in the Storage Networking Industry Association since joining member company NetApp in 2005 after more than 30 years in a variety of roles in the software industry. With a background in software development, support, sales and a period as an independent consultant, Alex is now part of NetApp’s Office of the CTO that supports industry activities and promotes technology & standards based solutions, and is co-chair of the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative and Cloud Storage Initiative, and vice-chair of the Ethernet Storage Forum.

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