GridGain Ultimate Edition aids implementation of SaaS Systems and replaces traditional databases

GridGain Ultimate Edition aids implementation of SaaS Systems and replaces traditional databases

In 2017, 24 Hour Fitness presented our plans to use GridGain as an integration platform to "connect" our various SaaS products. In 2018, we were in the trenches doing just that. This year, we are live in production and we have some tales to tell. This presentation will showcase our implementation approach, successes, pain points, opportunities for improvement, and future possibilities.  Presentation topics include our experiences with utilizing the grid as a SQL platform that houses SaaS data, as well as a SOR (System of Record) for some of our customer data.  The current, but always evolving, 24 Hour Fitness On-Prem and SaaS integration architecture, infrastructure, and operating  procedures and approaches will be presented.  

An audience involved in using GridGain as a DataGrid for SQL and JCache operations across multiple affinity domains will learn:

  • (1) How GridGain can be used to overcome several SaaS API problems
  • (2) How GridGain Ultimate Edition's Native Persistence can be used to create SQL enabled object caches where GridGain is not backed by any other data store as well as the backup and restoration strategies necessary to achieve this goal 
  • (3) How GridGain support can assist your implementation with best practices, and in particular the approaches adopted by 24 Hour Fitness
  • (4) The good, the bad, and the ugly. What went well, What didn't, and in most importantly, what we wish we knew before we started
  • (5) What does the future bring for 24 Hour Fitness and "The Grid": CSA, DR, Security, SLA based data regions, etc...




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Solutions Architect
24 Hour Fitness
Bachelors of Computer Science - SDSU
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - SDSU
7 Years as a Senior Oracle PL/SQL Programmer
9 Years as a Senior Java Programmer Analyst
8 Years as a Solutions Architect

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