CJ Olivenetworks

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CJ OliveNetworks is a specialized ICT enterprise that develops and operates IT services in daily life and culture. Since its foundation in 1995, CJ OliveNetworks has achieved utmost customer satisfaction and value via successful offering of lifestyle based IT services such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics and media, leveraging steady growth of the company with customer trust and support.

We create and utilize new technologies of the future, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud, and security, to facilitate digital transformation for customers. Also, CJ OliveNetworks provides comprehensive Total IT service managing all processes from IT infrastructure construction to recovery, directed by Songdo Internet Data Center(IDC), the cluster of leading IT infra service experts.

Founded on the value of our rich experiences, accumulated technological power, and superior human resources combined with the trust established with our partners, we support our customer’s marketing activities by implementing business data analysis to help them enter a new market and secure a competitive edge in the next-generation of ITs such as open source, big data, cloud computing, and others. In addition, we have established an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that allows our clients to stay connected at home and abroad in order to help them expand their businesses to the global market and enhance their business competitiveness in the global market.

Our vision is the TOP TIER digital service company that leads happiness of both the customers and society. With a strong sense of calling and a flexible yet adventurous corporate culture, CJ OliveNetworks will look ahead to the future and collaborate with competent organizations and enterprises in the world to become a promising and responsible problem-solver.

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