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ScaleOut Software develops in-memory data grid software for real-time streaming analytics that enable immediate device-feedback and alerting for IoT applications. Available as a hosted cloud service called ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™, or on-premise, ScaleOut’s software platform offers breakthrough technology for creating and deploying real-time digital twin models of IoT devices, allowing deeper introspection and faster feedback than previously possible.

The ScaleOut Digital Twin Builder™ software toolkit and mock testing environment enables application developers to create real-time, stateful, streaming analytics using digital twin models that track the dynamic state of thousands of devices and provide immediate alerting and feedback. This breakthrough approach combines telemetry streams with evolving state information on a per-device basis to enable deeper introspection in real time than previously possible. Aggregate analytics enable all devices to be simultaneously analyzed to spot broad trends and provide situational awareness. ScaleOut’s in-memory computing platform, ScaleOut StreamServer®, enables unique capabilities, including automatic event correlation by data source, data-parallel analytics to discover aggregate trends, scalable and highly available event processing, and simplified, object-oriented development in C#, Java, and JavaScript.

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How to Use Real-Time Digital Twins to Track a Million Data Sources

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 13:00 (Pacific Time Zone)
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William Bain
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