Most enterprises using cloud will be leveraging hybrid deployments to gain the benefits of flexibility, agility and scalability without the overhead of management and provisioning. Even more so, multicloud deployments are also gaining traction to help lower cost structures, ensure high availability and resilience, provide data locality for high performance, and comply with regulations.

But as enterprises move more and more applications and data to the cloud, deployment and management is becoming increasingly complex across one cloud, multiclouds  and hybrid on-premise -cloud environments. 

In this session,  Yoav Einav, GigaSpaces' VP Product will address how enterprises can build an architecture leveraging In-Memory Computing to facilitate and simplify complex multi-environment deployments for real-time processing and analytics with:

  • One-click deployment capabilities 
  • Full service API compatibility from multi-cloud vendors 
  • Network efficient, cost effective data replication
  • Data aggregation, masking, encryption and compression
  • Automatic scaling and cloud bursting techniques
  • Advanced management, monitoring  and control 

The session also includes a deep dive of case studies from the leading financial services and transportation industries for applications of risk analysis, dynamic pricing and more.  

Senior Sales Engineer
Galen Silvestri is a Senior Sales Engineer for GigaSpaces, responsible for aligning its unique In-Memory Data Grid with solutions for Tier 1 Fintech, TeleCom, Transportation, and Retail organizations. He has 10+ years in SA/ SE roles for Machine Learning based Real Time Fintech Fraud Solutions, Real time application Quality of Experience (OoE) Analytics involving millions of concurrent beacons, ML based media metadata generation, UX analytics and product offering management), and streaming adTec. His experience converges via a passion for aligning system integrations for both human and tech stack participants/components towards interoperability at a holistic level, balanced with maintaining best practices & unique workflow at an individual level.


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