Are you wondering how you can address today's modern business demands and efficiently leverage your legacy infrastructure? The growing amount of data and the need to maintain the competitive edge with optimized business operations and modern customer centric services are becoming constant challenges for enterprises that require the ability to process, analyze, visualize and manage their data in a scalable and agile manner. 

Yoav Einav, GigaSpaces' VP Product will discuss the benefits that can be obtained leveraging In-Memory Computing to:

  • Modernize legacy stacks with microservices, event-driven fast analytics, Spark and BI
  • Dramatically lower TCO by reducing MIPS consumption with in-memory access
  • Reduce the risk and simplify legacy to cloud migrations

The session includes a real-life case study of Groupe PSA, the 2nd largest car manufacturer in Europe, and how they successfully offloaded over 90% of queries from their mainframe and delivered a 15-19 milliseconds query & response time to their users. The solution reduced infrastructure footprint by a factor of 4-6X and increased scale by 20X. 

If you’re looking to learn more about modernizing your legacy stack with microservices and event-driven fast analytics tools, dramatically lower TCO  and understand how you can continuously migrate legacy architectures to the cloud, this session is for you.

Senior Sales Engineer
Galen Silvestri is a Senior Sales Engineer for GigaSpaces, responsible for aligning its unique In-Memory Data Grid with solutions for Tier 1 Fintech, TeleCom, Transportation, and Retail organizations. He has 10+ years in SA/ SE roles for Machine Learning based Real Time Fintech Fraud Solutions, Real time application Quality of Experience (OoE) Analytics involving millions of concurrent beacons, ML based media metadata generation, UX analytics and product offering management), and streaming adTec. His experience converges via a passion for aligning system integrations for both human and tech stack participants/components towards interoperability at a holistic level, balanced with maintaining best practices & unique workflow at an individual level.


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