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This free training session provides an in-depth look at a new, object-oriented software technique for stream-processing called real-time digital twins, which are used to track the state of large numbers of data sources, such as IoT devices, vehicles, or even e-commerce shoppers. Unlike conventional, pipelined techniques, real-time digital twins incorporate dynamic context about each data source in the analysis of incoming messages. They allow an application to develop a significantly deeper understanding about the data source so that it can take more effective action. Using an underlying in-memory computing platform, they also enable real-time, data-parallel analytics that surfaces emerging issues and maximizes situational awareness. 


  • Overview of real-time digital twins, sample applications, software concepts, and use in data-parallel analytics
  • Tour of the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service, a cloud-based service for hosting real-time digital twins with integrated data-parallel analytics, visualization, and query
  • In-depth look at sample applications and source code with demos on the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service:
    • Wind Turbine Tracking Application (C#)
    • Power Grid Security Alerting Application (Java)
    • Contact Tracing Application (C#)
  • Hands-on development and testing of a real-time digital twin model in Java or C# using a mock development environment


Although not required to attend, to extract full value from this training session and participate in the hands-on development, attendees should have a working knowledge of either Java or C#. They also should download the ScaleOut Real-Time Digital Twin libraries and mock development libraries in advance so that they can build and test a simple real-time digital twin model:

  • Java developers can find instructions for downloading and using the real-time digital twin libraries and for the mock development environment here. Online API documentation can be found here.
  • C# developers can find instructions for downloading and using the real-time digital twin libraries and for the mock development environment here. Online API documentation can be found here.
ScaleOut Software, Inc.
Dr. William L. Bain is founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software, which has been developing software products since 2003 designed to enhance operational intelligence within live systems using scalable, in-memory computing technology. Bill earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Rice University. Over a 40-year career focused on parallel computing, he has contributed to advancements at Bell Labs Research, Intel, and Microsoft, and holds several patents in computer architecture and distributed computing. Bill founded and ran three companies prior to ScaleOut Software. The most recent, Valence Research, developed web load-balancing software and was acquired by Microsoft Corporation to enhance the Windows Server operating system. As an investor and member of the screening committee for the Seattle-based Alliance of Angels, Bill is actively involved in entrepreneurship and the angel community.
Senior Director of Engineering
ScaleOut Software
Oleg Shmytov has more than two decades of experience in building high performance distributed systems. Prior to joining ScaleOut Software, he led the architecture team at Interlinq Software in building a complex loan origination platform. At ScaleOut Software, Oleg manages the development of best-in-class in-memory grid solutions used by hundreds of customers around the world. He holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering from Saint Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University in Russia, where he also did postgraduate research in neural networks.
Software Engineer
ScaleOut Software, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
ScaleOut Software
Olivier Tritschler started his career as a software developer at Microsoft Corporation in the field of security and data protection. After 14 years building new features in the Windows operating system, he moved to the world of SaaS. He designed and implemented microservices and back-end architectures for the search and delivery of Movie/TV Shows for Vizio, a leading brand of content providers. In early 2020, he joined ScaleOut Software where he is now contributing to the Digital Twin platform. He's originally from France, where he holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.



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