When it comes to high-availability, in-memory computing technologies are more challenging than typical disk persistent DB technology. A typical example is, you have a SaaS product based on a disk persistent DB technology in a Cloud environment, and in case of the failure, you can just resume DB from a disk snapshot, but what would you do if it is an in-memory technology? In my proposed talk, I will try to explain how you can build your own managed service to serve an in-memory technology with challenging tips. Also, I will mention production-grade best practices to keep your in-memory technology up and running in different cloud providers.

Software Development Team Lead
Building Hazelcast Cloud to provide Hazelcast Cluster as a service with extensive features. AWS Certified DevOps Professional, Azure Content Hero. Building scalable with Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus, Event-Based Systems in Hybrid Cloud. Ex. Sony and eBay engineer



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