Robert Barr Robert Barr – VP Data Grid Architect, Barclays
The Conference Committee Chair

Rob has worked in IT for 16 years and in Financial Services for the last 8 years, on applications ranging from container shipping through medical insurance to stock trading and highly scalable, high performance trade reporting systems. He acts as the In-Memory Data Grid SME for Barclays and co-chairs the Caching and NoSQL Communities of Practice. Rob helps organize and run the Docklands branch of the London Java Community, a 5000+ strong collective of Java enthusiasts from all sectors of development.
Eric Weiss Eric Weiss – Sr Software Engineering Manager, WorkDay
Eric has worked in software and systems engineering for 20+ years as a Senior Software Engineering Director and Manager and as a Senior Software Engineer. Eric has a strong background in server and client application development with large-scale distributed graph systems, platform engineering, APIs, Web applications, search, database, data analytics and Big Data technologies. He has worked on and led many large-scale systems projects in Global Security for Lawrence Livermore Lab, supercomputing applications for YarcData (Cray), API platform systems for Netflix, and most recently bringing high performance in-memory platforms to Workday.
konstantin_boudnik Konstantin Boudnik – Co-founder and CEO, Memcore, Inc.
Konstantin, co-founder and CEO of Memcore Inc, is one of the early developers of Hadoop and a co-author of Apache BigTop, the open source framework and the community around creation of software stacks for data processing projects. With more than 20 years of experience in software development, big- and fast-data analytic, Git, distributed systems and more, Dr. Boudnik has authored 15 US patents in distributed computing. Dr. Boudnik contributed to a dozen of open source projects in the distributed computing and data processing. He has helped and championed a number of successful Apache projects in the area.
gary_orenstein Gary Orenstein – Chief Marketing Officer, MemSQL
Gary leads marketing at MemSQL across marketing strategy, growth, communications, and customer engagement. Prior to MemSQL, Gary was the Chief Marketing Officer at Fusion-io where he led global marketing activities. He also served as Senior Vice President of Products at Fusion-io during the company’s expansion to multiple product lines. Prior to Fusion-io, Gary worked at infrastructure companies across file systems, caching, and high-speed networking. Earlier in his career he served as the vice president of marketing at Compellent. Gary holds a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and a master’s in business administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Noah Arliss Noah Arliss – Senior Manager Software Development Engineering, WorkDay
Noah Arliss has been leading and architecting large scale enterprise systems for the past 16+ years a Principal Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager. He has strong background in enterprise security, distributed systems, platform as a service, and big data technologies. Passionate about software architecture as well as distributed computing he previously led development teams for Oracle Coherence and was an active contributor to the Oracle Coherence Incubator projects working with partners ranging from finance to online retailers to design performant real time solutions. Noah Arliss currently leads the Fabric team at Workday focused on applying In-Memory Data Grid technologies to Workday’s core architecture.

Nikita Ivanov – Co-Founder and CTO, GridGain Systems
Nikita Ivanov is co-founder and CTO of GridGain Systems. Nikita has led GridGain to develop advanced and distributed in-memory data processing technologies — the top Java in-memory data fabric starting every 10 seconds around the world today.Nikita has over 20 years of experience in software application development, building HPC and middleware platforms, contributing to the efforts of other startups and notable companies including Adaptec, Visa and BEA Systems. Nikita was one of the pioneers in using Java technology for server side middleware development while working for one of Europe’s largest system integrators in 1996.
deepesh_sen Deepesh Sen – Sr. Vice President, Citigroup
Bio coming soon.