Following are the video recordings and slideshows in PDF format for all the talks presented at the In-Memory Computing Summit 2016.

Keynote: The In-Memory Computing Landscape: Leading the Fast Data Revolution
Abe Kleinfeld, President & CEO, GridGain
Keynote: In Memory Computing for Financial Services: Past, Present and Future
Robert Barr, VP Data Grid Engineering Lead, Barclays
Keynote: NVDIMM - Changes are Here So What's Next?
Arthur Sainio, Co-Chair SNIA NVDIMM Special Interest Group and Director, Marketing, SMART Modular Technology
Keynote: More Memory for In-Memory? Easy!
Benzi Galili, Chief Operating Officer, ScaleMP
Keynote: In-Memory: The Foundation of the Internet of Things
Jason Stamper, Analyst, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research
Innovation Presentations
Innovation: Capture Perishable Insights Before the Moment is Lost
Chris Villinger – VP Business Development & Marketing, ScaleOut Software
Innovation: Tap Into Your Enterprise - Why Database Change and IMC Are an Ideal Match
Steve Wilkes – CTO, Co-Founder, Striim
Innovation: Comparing Software Defined Memory Options
Benzi Galili – Chief Operating Officer, ScaleMP
Innovation: PipelineDB: The Streaming-SQL Database
Derek Nelson – CEO and Co-Founder, PipelineDB
Innovation: Lambda-B-Gone: The In-memory Case Study for Faster, Smarter and Simpler Answers
Dennis Duckworth – Director of Product Marketing, VoltDB
Innovation: Unveiling the X Platform
Girish Mutreja – CEO, Founder, Neeve Research
Breakout Sessions
Breakout: The Benefits of Memory and Storage Convergence to In-Memory Computing
Amit Golander, CTO, Plexistor
Breakout: Propelling IoT Innovation with Predictive Analytics
Nikita Shamgunov, CTO and co-founder, MemSQL
Breakout: Test Driving Streaming and CEP on Apache Ignite
Matt Coventon, Big Data Services Lead/Senior Software Engineer, Innovative Software Engineering
Breakout: What Non-Volatile Memory Means for the Future of Database Management Systems
Andy Pavlo, Asst. Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Breakout: Shared In-Memory RDDs - Missing Link in Spark
Nikita Ivanov, Founder & CTO, GridGain Systems, Apache Ignite
Breakout: Introduce Non-volatile Generic Object Programming Model for In-Memory Computing (Spark) Performance Improvement
Yanping Wang, Apache Mnemonic (Incubating) Project Lead, Apache Software Foundation
Breakout: Apache Ignite as a Data Processing Hub
Roman Shtykh, R&D Engineer, CyberAgent, Inc
Breakout: Work with Multiple Hot Terabytes in JVMs
Per Minborg, CTO, Speedment
Breakout: The In-Place Working Storage Tier
Ken Gibson, Director, SW Architecture, Intel Cloud Platforms Group
Breakout: Using Lock-free and Wait-free In-memory Algorithms to Turbo-charge High Volume Data Management
Henning Andersen, Chief Architect, Stibo Systems A/S
Breakout: NVMe, Storage Class Memory and Operational Databases: Real-World Results
Brian Bulkowski, Founder & CTO, Aerospike
Breakout: Developments in Persistent Memory
Gordon Patrick, Director of Enterprise Computing Memory, Micron Technology Inc.
Breakout: Demystifying In-Memory Data Grid and NoSQL DB. Are they one and the same?
Pandurang Pradeep Naik, Principal Consultant, Wipro Limited
Breakout: The Illusion of Statelessness
Aleksandar Seovic, Architect, Oracle Coherence, Oracle
Breakout: Decision Making with Mllib, Spark and Spark Streaming
Girish Kathalagiri, Staff Engineer, Samsung SDS Research America
Breakout: Extreme Transaction Processing In A Memory-Oriented World
Girish Mutreja, Founder & CEO, Neeve Research
Breakout: In-Memory Stream Processing @ Integral Ad Science
Alexey Kharlamov, VP of Technology, Integral Ad Science Inc
Breakout: Making IMC Enterprise Grade
Steve Wikes, CTO, Co-Founder, Striim
Breakout: Target's First Foray into an In-Memory Data Grid (and the Trips, Stumbles, and Falls that came with)
Jim Beyers Director Engineering, Aaron Riekenberg - Lead Engineer & Hitendra Pratap Singh - Lead Engineer
Breakout: The Truth: How to Test Your Distributed System for the Real World
Noah Arliss, Senior Development Manager, Workday
Breakout: Implementing User-Defined Data Structures in In-Memory Data Grids
Dr. William L. Bain, Founder & CEO, ScaleOut Software, Inc.
Breakout: Case Study - GridGain for Sberbank Architecture in Financial Services
Dmitriy Setrakyan, Founder and Chief Product Officer, GridGain & Mikhail Khasin, Senior Managing Director & Head of Core banking Transformation Program, Sberbank
Breakout: How to Use JCache to Speed Up Your Application
Greg Luck, CEO, Hazelcast Inc.
Breakout: Apache Ignite 2.0 - Towards Convergent Data Platform
Nikita Ivanov, Founder & CTO, GridGain