Speaker: Gordon Patrick, Director of Enterprise Computing Memory, Micron Technology Inc.

With persistent memory solutions quickly moving from concept designs to mass-production reality, IT architects are faced with significant questions: How do I get the most value out of my system? How will the broader market adopt and implement today’s NVDIMM portfolio? What applications gain the most benefit from today’s solutions? What are the current challenges for adoption? How should I plan to ensure I keep up with industry trends?


Gordon Patrick, director of Micron’s enterprise computing memory business, will provide a view of how current products are driving new opportunities in persistent memory and provide insight on important industry trends affecting tomorrow’s persistent memory platforms.

Three key audience takeaways:

  • What are the clearest routes to add value to your systems through today’s persistent memory solutions?
  • What key design elements should be considered given the broader shift to non-volatile memory systems?
  • What changes are needed to truly extract the value from today’s persistent memory technology?