Speaker: Girish Mutreja, Founder & CEO, Neeve Research

Modern transactional systems need to be fast, always available and constantly scale to meet the ever changing needs of the business. It is becoming increasingly commonplace for next generation e-commerce systems to demand double or single digit millisecond response times, for financial trading systems to incur maximum latencies in the order of microseconds and gaming and analytic engines to consumes hundreds of thousands of transactions a second. It is a common and tempting mistake to believe that we can meet the extreme needs of such systems by just replacing traditional disk based storage systems with in-memory data grids using traditional application architectures. Such an approach will take us only so far after which the system’s demands will once again overtake its capabilities. To truly meet the extreme needs of these systems and continue to scale as the demand scales, we need to think differently about how such systems are architected and employ modern techniques to unlock the full potential of memory oriented computing. This talk explains why and how.


Join Girish Mutreja, CEO of Neeve Research and author of the X Platform as he discusses the above and provides a unique perspective into what’s different about memory oriented TP applications and how application architectures, particularly mission critical applications, need to adapt to the new world of memory oriented computing. Girish will outline the key architectural elements of TP applications and explain how they need to function in the world of memory oriented computing. He will delve into why such systems need to be architected as a marriage between messaging and data storage; why message routing and data gravity is of critical importance to these systems; how structured, in-memory state lends to extreme agility; how fault tolerance, load balancing, transaction processing and threading need to function in such systems; why architectural precepts such as transaction pipelining and agent oriented design are critical to reliability, performance and scalability. Girish will illustrate how these concepts have enabled enterprises such as MGM Resorts to transition to game changing, memory oriented architectures by leveraging the X Platform.